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Paddle boarding gives our guests the opportunity to explore areas of the island that are inaccessible with a power vessel. Try out our Mangrove Eco Tour to meet all of the beautiful and friendly creatures that inhabit the precious waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is a family-friendly activity, suitable for all ages. There is no minimum age requirement, however, riders must have the strength and ability to paddle by themselves. A knowledgeable guide will be on the water to both navigate and educate you about the creatures that swim, walk and fly around the TCI.


- Each board can hold 1 person (250lbs max).

- There is a discounted price when renting 4 or more SUP boards, displayed as Group Rate (GR)



S.U.P. Rentals

TIME: 2 Hour
$79/board (GR: $69/board)

TIME: 4 Hour
$109/board (GR: $94/board)

TIME: 8 Hour
$139/board (GR: $119/board)

For our SUP rentals, guests are required to pick up and drop off the boards from our location. Our paddle boards are inflatable, making them very portable and light. A pump, bag and paddle will be included with each board. Choose between a 2HR, 4HR or 8HR rental! Please contact us if you are interested in renting the boards for a day or more!

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